Key Holding

Spanish Law requires that someone in the country has a key to the property whilst the property is vacant.

We hold the key so we can access the property in emergency or in case the property needs servicing.

We offer our clients a Standard Key Holding contract that includes following:

  • Membership to MMHOC
  • €50.00 worth of Vouchers to use against MMHOC Services.
  • Key Holding – Key Collection Service
  • Weekly Security Checks
  • Check for Water / Boiler Pressure / Gas Leaks
  • Flushing, Plumbing and Ventilating the Property
  • Available to you and all your guests.
  • Checking of Mail Boxes (Forwarding of mail either by Post or email)
  • Liaise with community committee, neighbours and Utility Companies
  • First point of contact for your Alarm Company

This for only €250.00 per annum

 Extra Services

If there are other services that are not listed above then we would be more than willing to discuss your requirements further.