Mortgages – Banks In Spain

MMHOC are specialists in finding the best possible mortgage for foreigners buying a property in Spain!

Members only need to send one application MMHOC send to several banks.

MMHOC will get offers from all the banks and you can choose the mortgage that fits you the best!

This means less work for you and a better deal on your mortgage.

No need to know Spanish! We have staff that can relate to your needs

Even though we have seen a massive closing of branches and several large mergers in the banking sector in Spain since 2008, Spain is still the country in Europe enjoying the highest number of bank branches per capita.

The different banks have different preferences for the type of mortgages they are looking for. This can also change within the same bank depending on the region.

Due to the way Spanish banks are set up, not only will you get different quotes from the different banks – you can also experience to get a different quote on the same mortgage in the same bank by going to a different branch!

So, if you know Spanish, where to look, how to present your application and have the time – we can guarantee you that you will experience a wide spread between the best and worst offer on your mortgage.

Based in Spain with offices in the UK we specialise in finding the best possible mortgage for Europeans buying a property in Spain.

Using us, for al fixed fee you save yourself both frustrations and time not having to visit several banks to find the best mortgage deal.

Due to the Spanish system, changing a mortgage later on, is very expensive – so getting the best deal in the first place is important.

We take into account the type of property you are buying, price, location and your personal profile – we talk to various banks and find the best and cheapest mortgage for you. With us you only send one application and apply in many banks.