Security for Your Home and Boat

MMHOC offer bespoke designed CCTV and Security Systems, providing you with

more than just security. CCTV acts as a major deterrent to perpetrators of crime,

and is also a valuable resource in the proof of crime process.

HD & 4k technology

The benefits of HD & 4K CCTV have a significant influence on modern crime

fighting. Police are able to better monitor, identify and pursue suspects and

provide clearer evidence in court. The significantly higher resolution of 4K

(around four times sharper than regular HD) allows for far greater recognition of criminal perpetrators. Many of our

customers are re-evaluating their current systems and taking advice on the powerful resolution new 4K technology provides.

With the improvements in remote monitoring, our latest systems are quite simply the best solutions available today.


Intruder alarms

We provide solutions to resolve issues with unauthorised intrusion using sophisticated wired and wireless alarm systems. Our domestic and commercial systems utilise new technologies and remote management for added peace of mind and efficient deterrence. We are an SSAIB approved installer, and all our systems are linked to a NACOSS approved monitoring station. All monitored systems will be provided with a URN number to enable fast police response.

Free assessment & quotation

At your request we will survey your premises, assess your security requirements and produce a detailed quotation .

Incisive design

We are experts in designing the placement of specific equipment to best monitor your premises and maximise your security potential.

Expert installation

Our time-served professionals install the system with the minimum of disruption to ensure a robust network of surveillance and monitoring.


Cameratech Projects are dedicated to our customers’ well-being and offer a reliable maintenance back-up.

Fast response

We pride ourselves on our agile, fast responding troubleshooting ability, ensuring you are in safe hands at all times.

Very latest technology

Cameratech Projects are at the frontline in all the very latest developments deploying stunning HD and 4K technology.

Remote monitoring

Using smartphone technology combined with dedicated alarm receiving centres, enables you to check in to your security system from anywhere in the world gives added assurance 24/7.

Powerful HD & 4K cameras

The evolution of HD & 4K resolutions has provided us with an invaluable advancement that displays razor-sharp imagery with the ability to digitally zoom even after recording.

Our guarantee

All our services come with reassuring guarantees that reflect our ethical approach to total customer satisfaction.